Cube Qi Smart Wireless Charger

Effortless wireless charging Bundle powered by Qi technology A wireless charging pad that charges any brand of Qi-enabled smartphone or device just as quickly as a wired AC charger. Comes with a stylish and robust protective sleeve and is designed to complement any home or office.

Only $29 US MSRP*

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Cube Qi Smart Wireless Charger

Effortless charging experience
Simply place your device on the wireless charging pad
Pad fully charges most compatible devices in less than 3 hrs
Pad wirelessly charges all brands of Qi-enabled devices
Seamlessly upgrades your iPhone 5, 4S to wireless charging
Upgrade your smartphone
Sleek and smart design fits in with any home or office
Get additional bases for your home, office or anywhere you charge
Hard shell sleeve for robust protection
Power indicator light confirms charging status at a glance
Slim sleeve design serves as a phone case when on the go

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